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Please note that this extension is no longer actively supported for newer versions of Chrome.

Unfortunately, the chrome APIs change quite often and I don’t have time to maintain the extension. Please see https://github.com/moarsel/chrome-extension-automation if you’d like to play with the code.

If you haven’t tried my google chrome extension, try it out: Extension Automation. It is used to manage other extensions in chrome by automatically enabling or disabling them for whichever sites you choose.

How to use Extension Automation:

1) Install the extension here
2) Click the extension’s button at the top of the browser and go to “View Settings”.
3) Pick the extension you want, decide whether you want it enabled or disabled, and type in the website URL that you want that extension to be enabled/disabled for.
4) Press Enter

Now Extension Automation will automatically enable the chosen extension on the specified website!

If you have a question or comment this is the place to leave it!


16 comments on “Extension Automation

  1. Matrix says:


    I love this extension, makes life easier, and the new version makes it even more easier (in the previous version if u switched tabs it would disable the extension even though there was a tab which needed the extension).
    Firstly the new version deleted all my rule sets, no biggie.
    But I seem to have a bug: I can’t see all the rule sets I have created in the options page. So if I created a wrong rule, or just want to edit an existing rule I can’t.
    I tried uninstalling and re-installing the extension, but this procedure only reset all rules, but didn’t solve the problem.
    I am using the latest version of Chrome on a Windows 7 Premium x64 bit OS.

    Thanks again!

    • maorsel says:

      Thanks for reporting, issue resolved here support page

      • Hi Maorsel

        I found your automation extension after weeks of searching on the web for something like it. It looks perfect for what I want it to do. The problem is it crashes chrome every time it is supposed to become active on a site. I’m on xp sp3 and chrome 30 beta. I have no problems with either chrome or other extensions. I would love to get this working.

        Any thoughts?

  2. rio says:

    Hi Russell, may you please let me know how to backup settings? My hdd is going to be killed. Thanks.

  3. mindplay.dk says:

    This is nice, but not quite what I was hoping for… What I’d really like, is to set each extension on or off by default, and then be able to make exceptions.

    For example, I have lots of web developer extensions installed – most of the time, they just consume memory and slow the browser. I want those off by default – and simply having a drop-down with checkboxes for each extension to make exceptions for the current domain.

    Would you consider posting the source-code on GitHub or another social coding site?

  4. Win Iden says:

    I don’t know how feasible this is, but it would be great to enable/disable certain extensions based on location or wifi network conditions. For instance, there are some extensions I want at work, but not at home. I carry my laptop between those two locations, so having that process automated would be fantastic.

  5. Eli says:

    Extension sounds great, but need a way to disable all extension based on a domain (not only one by one) would be even greater:)


  6. Is this thing still alive?
    I think there is a bug…
    Using Chromium 46 if i
    use google.com as the
    filter,then the extension
    is activated on all sites!

  7. Cindy says:

    This extension doesn’t seem to work consistently with the Video Blocker (to make unwanted youtube channels disappear) for youtube. Often times when i refresh the page the video blocker is disabled and there are no videos displayed on youtube until i refresh the web page. some background info: i have other extensions that work wonderfully with your Automatic extension. I’d just like to know if there is something i can do to fix my issue.

  8. Tim Calvin says:

    Hi, is there a way to disable all extensions for a particular url? Working on development it would be nice to have one tab unaffected by extensions. It’s a lot of work to add all of them to the list one by one, for each url.

  9. Hi moarsel,

    It’s really good extension. But it doesn’t do exactly what i want.

    I’ve two extension called “Sunglasses” and “G.lux”. Both controls brightness of chrome.
    I want both to be disable on youtube and google search because i’ve already a dark “Stylish” theme applied on them and i don’t want them to be more dark.
    But when i disable this both in “Extension Automation”, It does disable when i open youtube or google search. But then it doesn’t re-enable when go to other sites.I tried “newtab/” or “about://newtab” to enable this both, so when i close youtube and go to newtab it gets enable.
    But “Extension Automation” not let me enable and disable both action on same extension, It either disable or enable sites on one extension.

    Could you please solve this. I really need this. I’ll be very grateful.


  10. mvrht says:

    Hi, awesome product but I have one feature request.

    Could you add something that reloads a website when it is hit and the extention has loaded. For example, when I visit reddit, RES turns on. I then have to manually reload reddit for the effects to take place. I’d like something that could reload for me.


  11. yuanen says:


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